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Otter Strategies

A keystone for ocean conservation


A Blue Future for All

Otter Strategies is dedicated to helping humans create a healthy relationship with our ocean. We work across disciplines and think big to drive change at all scales, from the lowly otter to global organizations. Otter strategies designs & implements projects and programs that lead to equitable, sustainable outcomes. Equally, we elevate & champion youth and underrepresented people in all our endeavors.


The Otter Way

Your Strategic Partner


We bring expertise from preeminent ocean institutions to your challenges. No exams required.


Having the right tools makes everything  smoother. Like otters, we use the latest tools to crack the tough problems (or clams!)


We might not have all the answers, but we probably know someone who does.


With a global network of partners,  we work hand and hand (or paw)  for maximum impact.

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